Web Design services – a complete one page site, custom designed.


Singleton is a custom designed one page website. You choose the content and we build the page. How handy would it be to share your resume, online as a web page? You could enhance your brand by adding a link to your LinkedIn profile. Whether you need an online CV or small business page, our Singleton website design service has you covered. Already have a web page or one page website? Was it built using a Web Builder (i.e., Wix, Shopify)? As long as it’s contents can be culled into one page Singleton has the features you need. And you won’t have to give up your Web Builder or current hosting service. We’ll work with what you have. And make it better or create it from scratch.


  • Single Page(1) – Website Created From Scratch or A Single Page Redesign.
  • Up to 15 sections, excluding contact section.
  • Choice of Website Theme(3) or an HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript coded web page
  • Full Site Set-up(4)
  • Responsive Design
  • Functional UI/UX Design
  • Accessibility Compliant
  • Contact Form(5)
  • Formatted Print Version
  • Site Styled for Cross Browser Support
  • Live Site Testing
  • Site Walk Thru
  • Basic Training
  • Live Site within 14 Days(6)

To Use This Service You Will Need:

  • A Domain (default is Name Cheap);
  • A Hosting Service (default is InMotion Hosting);
  • Give us administrator rights to pertinent accounts;
  • Provide all site materials and content;

One page just won’t due. Then explore our Third Wheel up to 3 pages to spread your precious content over.

(1) – (6)See list of Design Service Terms for definitions.


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