We’re Still Under Construction,

but Open For Business.

Page By Page Until Completion

Welcome to AEDubyah In Order – where we bring “Order to Chaos”. We’re decommissioning our Weebly website.  We are still big fans of Weebly. It has to be one of the most powerful website builders out there…Their free subscriptions are awesome and the new upgrades to the interfacing are heaven. If you need a site up and running quickly, you can’t go wrong with Weebly.

We’ve built and continue to build our site from the ground up. In fact, we have to confess that building a website is an on-going and never-ending process. There will be an official launch where most of the kinks are smoothed out and the design is super engaging. Nevertheless, will we be finished designing our website then? Nope. But we will be open and no longer under construction…Can I get an Amen!…

To see what services we have on offer, please visit our Welcome Page located here.  Be sure to check out the AEDubyah Shop  as it is open and accepting orders.

Finally, if you are at all interested, take a minute to fill out the form below. We’ll keep you abreast of our progress and official launch date. Until our next update (or Launch) – have a wonderful day.

All the Best, AEDubyah In Order

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