Quick Page

Our “Quick Page” is a fast, efficient and low cost way to start building online Profile Page. If your Facebook© profile is your only presence online. Then a “Quick Page” is an answer to your woes. Choose from three basic layouts with the ability to add up to 7 sections. Regardless of the template you choose, enjoy total design flexibility. And the design services don’t end there. The deal also includes the following:


  • A One Page(1) Website
  • A year of In-House Hosting(2) Services
  • Choice of Web Builder (default is WordPress)
  • Choice of Website Theme(3) (default is WordPress Builder Blocks)
  • Full Site Set-up(4)
  • Responsive Design
  • Functional UI/UX Design
  • Accessibility Compliant
  • Contact Form(5)
  • Formatted Print Version
  • Site Styled for Cross Browser Support
  • Live Site Testing
  • Site Walk Thru
  • Live Site within 14 Days(6)

Template Layouts

Template A Layout

Template A

Template B

Template C Layout

Template C

To Use This Service You Will Need To:

  • A Domain (purchased seperately);
  • Grant us access as an administrator to your Domain Account;
  • Grant us access as an administrator to your Google Account;
  • Provide all materials and content for site;

Have a Google Account? Have a Google Form hanging in your docs folder? Instead of embedding it and all it’s ugliness, how about adding a Customized Google Form to your purchase. Then this practical form can also blend seamlessly with your sites overall design.

(1) – (6)See list of Design Service Terms for definitions.

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